Air Conditioning

Why should i service my air conditioning system?

Most car manufacturers recommend you re-charge your air con system every two years. Also the inside of your vehicle can benefit. Bacteria can form on the matrix and inside your ventilation channels. This can be treated easily with the aid of a specialist cleanser.


The importance of changing your cambelt explained.

Any vehicle with a cambelt will require it to be replaced at some point. Each manufacturer has a different set milage or time based change interval. Also it can vary between models. If your cambelt breaks on a modern day vehicle, it is almost certain to cause internal engine damage.


Warning lights on your dash board such as engine management, abs or srs.

These usually illuminate to tell you there is an intermittent or permanent fault on an electrical system.

Diagnostic equipment is usually required to read fault codes.


We carry out mig welding repairs to mot standard. 


We carry out clutch replacements to all vehicles. Most modern day cars and vans also require the dualmass flywheel replacing at the same time (if fitted).

We also carry out...

Tracking, battery replacement, recovery, collection & delivery. If there is something you would like doing or quoting on that is not mentioned, feel free to ring our office.